Christmas Tree Hairstyle: Now Make Your Own Tree and Take Your Tree Everywhere You Go

Christmas, is the festival that starts with decoration as it itself being the most integral part of the long-run carnival. From rooms to houses, a street to every single thing gets a nice ornamentation.

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And why leave our own face? It also must get a Christmas themed make-over, right? And on top of that, 2017 became the era for ‘go viral makeup’ where tons of new and weird makeup trends went viral. Some of the makeup trends are weird a f and some are pretty interesting to be tried out.

The Christmas themed eyebrow got widespread on the social media, with hairs parted to make it look like Christmas tree studded with jewels and painted with eye shadows.

And now to top everything, some beauty gurus are coming up with Christmas trees on their head experimenting on their hairstyles to look like a Christmas tree.

Imagine all your hairs up in a conical shape, studded with Christmas tree ornaments, light bulbs and baubles. And it will look exactly like a Christmas Tree. So now you can literally carry your Christmas tree hairstyle anywhere with you.

And to keep your hair stand up against the gravity, you just need to put a cone or empty water bottle on top for a primary support. Then fix it up with comb, elastic hardening it firmly with the strongest hair spray available at your place.

Some people are taking the Christmas tree hairstyle on to a next level. Dying hair in green, ornamenting it with light bulbs, sticking a bucket of glitter on to the hairstyle are what some are bringing it on in the new hair trend.

This festive look might be weird to some. But it is definitely a creative one and surely takes a lot of time to make that swirly and pointy conical Christmas tree look. And if you want your day to be special, crazy and less formal, then this Christmas tree hairstyle is just for you.


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