Colonial Hangover in Meghalaya Village.

India has never lost out of its funny bones but Meghalaya is way ahead in this game! With Meghalaya all set out to vote and choose their representatives in the Legislative Assembly this February, Italy, Argebntina, Sweden and Indonesia has also geared up. You must be confused. Well, they are nothing but names of a few voters of the small village of Umniuh-Tmar Elaka in East Khasi Hills district.

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These simple men love English words that rhyme, but they do not know the meaning of the words at all. These Khasi names are sure to leave everybody roll with laughter for hours! The number of registered voters for this small village near the Indo-Bangladesh border are 850 males and 916 females- almost all recorded to have weird names registered in the voters list.

The reason behind this peculiar story is the lack of literacy among the villagers. Not all of the villagers as smart or as educated and we might also come across people with names such as Chair or Wednesday! This reflects a greater social issue which we are still not being able to deal with. Humanity is losing out to illiteracy and there does not seem to be a way around it.

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In several cases, the parents quite obviously cannot figure out the meaning of the names they given their children. Sadly, the kids with such funny names have to keep going with these names much to their embarrassment.

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