Dare to Cross the Road ?

“Roads are made for journeys and not destinations” [Confucius] –But when roads are extremely dangerous and deadly, it surely becomes a tourist destination. The uphill and downhill roads meandering across the roughest of topography, sometimes putting the physics and gravity to question is what makes these roads and causeways be so dangerous. Still among the dangerous roads there are some pathways that become daily mode of travelling medium for people. Whereas some roadways and pathways remain closed during certain times, especially when the risk reaches its optimum level.

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Here are 05 world’s dangerous roads and causeways:

1. Hindenburgdamm

The causeway is joining Sylt’s North Frisian Island to Schleswig-Holstein for 11km long. It’s exclusively a railway corridor that’s being opened on 1st June 1927. One train trip across the crossway takes around 10 minutes and everyday almost 50 trains cross the causeway transporting mainly cars to Sylt. A lot of land is lost due to constant rising tides on the southern part of the causeway.

2. Kabul-Jalalabad Road, Afghanistan

Running between Aghan cities of Kabul and Jalalabad, the Kabul-Jalalabad Road is said to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is not only dangerous for the active insurgency, but also because of its winding pathways. The 65km of highway stretches through the Taliban territory with narrow roads snaking all through the course.

3. Stelvio Pass Italy

It is passes through the Northern parts of Italy. Stelvio Pass happens to be the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps with elevation 2757m. It is also the second highest mountain pass in the Alps. It puts many drivers to trouble as it is bends and winds the most along its entire pathways around 2.7km along the Italian Alps.

4. Lucin Cutoff

It is a 102 mile railroad which runs through Utah, from Ogden to Lucin. It’s a long railroad trestle and crosses Great Salt Lake. What is most attractive of this causeway is the two different shades of water that’s being separated by the causeway. It is blue on one side and reddish on the other side. But the causeway is equally dangerous.

5. Sichuan-Tibet Highway

One of the most dangerous roads of China that has enlisted its name in that of the world. It has a record of almost 7500 deaths per 100000 drivers. This scares the most and makes it dangerous. The weather is poor, topped with avalanches and rock slides making the journey worth a trouble.



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