Darwin Week Commences in Kolkata

Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution have been in the news for a while now. Thanks to Satyapal Singh- our Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development who challenged the theory of evolution and asserted that Darwin's theory was actually "scientifically wrong" and proposed to drop it from the school and college program of study.

Science organizations from all over the city came in concert to observe 'Darwin Week' from on Sunday to efficiently to wipe out any mystification related to the same. It also wants to create a general awareness amid the public about Charles Darwin's offerings to the discipline of evolution.

The 'Darwin Week' is being held by the India March for Science Organising Committee, Kolkata and Breakthrough Science Society, West Bengal Chapter.

Reputed academicians from diverse institutions, students and researchers are to take part in the seminars throughout the week and popular talks in educational institutions in the city from February 12-18 during the 'Darwin Week'.

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