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We live in an age when it is considered to be a weakness to be unable to defend oneself from harm – crime rates are at an all-time high, and there are cases of molestations, theft, robbery and murder amongst other criminal offences every day.

Worse than all of these, however, is the crime that the people chose to commit against one another – victim blaming. If a woman is molested, rather than blaming the molester, we blame the molested; why was the molested wearing revealing clothes, why was she travelling home so late at night? She must have done something wrong to get molested.

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Why didn’t she protect herself?

Similarly, there has been an alarming rise in incidents of bullying amongst students in schools and colleges. While it is true that violence can never be a proper solution, getting bullied simply because of one’s inability to articulate their concerns to authorities as well as the indifference of authorities towards such incidents cannot be the right course of action. If one does get bullied, then that person has to stand up against violence – and while it is an extremely idealistic notion that the best way to stand up against violence is through non-violence, it would be impossible to teach a child not to cower in front of students who might very well be older and bigger than him/her.

Crimes against the elderly have increased to a great extent as well. People have often threatened the elderly for money using physical force; this is a deplorable and heinous act, and the first response to such acts of violence must come from the victim at the specific moment in which such violence is perpetrated. For this to take place, the victims – be it the young, the middle-aged, or the elderly, must be able to immediately counter any form of violence towards themselves with an act of defence from their own side, and this is where self-defence plays a major part.

Self-defence for all ages has now become an absolute necessity – one cannot survive in the harsh conditions of our modern world if they do not know how to protect themselves. Moreover, it is an irrelevant point that only people who go out into the daily thoroughfare need to be well versed in methods of protecting themselves – everyone, regardless of their age and gender, is susceptible to violence. Therefore, it is only logical that everyone learns how to keep themselves safe from bodily harm, and the only plausible solution is through self defence classes for all ages.

Children have already begun learning karate from a young age, and this serves as a precedent for adults to also follow their wards. There are multiple institutions that teach self-defence to kids, adults and the elderly in different, specialized courses – in Japan, people are even trained in the usage of batons to ward off an assaulter and incapacitate him. This should serve as a marker to all nations of the world to introduce self defence lessons for the sake of their citizens as well as for the sake of maintaining law and order, as well as set an example to the general populace to know at least one form of self-defence to protect them.



28 Feb 2018 12:39 AM

I agree so much, that each person should learn to defend oneself, the fact that you feel capable to physically defend yourself enable you to be more confident in life in general. I like your approach and agree with it. I think Judo or self-defence should be tought to every children, I never thought of elderly but since you mentionne it, yeah I think it`s a great idea as well . << Great article >> Thank you Sylvain Richard owner of

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02 Mar 2018 11:50 AM

Hi. I agree that each person especially women should learn how to defend themselves. So regardless of age or gender, it's nice to know some basic routines to protect yourself. And not only physical defense but also in emotional defense. Thanks for sharing. Advisable to all women in the world. Best, Kit /

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