Delhi Smog Has Engulfed the City: IMA declares Public Health Emergency.

Delhi was already under alert as it reaches the extreme limit of pollution. But this Tuesday, our negligence and disinterest towards pollution issue was once again proved in Delhi, as the capital city was totally engulfed in smog.

The situation has become so worse that the Indian Medical Association recently declared Delhi that it’s in public health emergency state because the air pollution has rose to ‘severe’ condition and the smog has completely engulfed the city.

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As indicated by the Air Quality Index, the average AQI (air quality index) hit 396, which is very poor. The level of Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 was in some areas above 300 in the capital city. This indicated the air quality as hazardous. Whereas the Particulate Matter (PM) 10 reached 999 at some areas of Delhi.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal advised to shut down schools for some time. The Indian Medical Association has also writer to the Delhi Chief Minister for calling cancellation of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon that’s scheduled on November 19th. The IMA President Dr KK Aggarwal has also advised people to avoid getting out of home.

The flights and trains have also been delayed due to the smog. People mistook it for fog whereas later it came to realisation that it’s nothing but a blanket of smog. The smog covered parts of Punjab as well. Reports are saying that the smog can stay for three to four days.

The smog has caused difficulties in breathing as well as in visibility raising some serious concerns in the capital city and the nation as well.


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