Dengue: Causes, Symptoms and Preventive measures

Dengue Fever is spreading across the country like wildfire. You will notice so many people around you and your family and friends falling sick. In this moment the most important thing to do is to educate yourself and help not only prevention for you and your dear ones but also help you notice the symptoms, thus being thoroughly aware. One must note that dengue can definitely lead to death in the worst cases, as is evident from the hundreds dying from it all around the country and the world.

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So who is the culprit that spreads this dreadful disease ?  

The aedes aegypti is a type of mosquito which carries a virus called DENV which spreads through the bite of the mosquito. This mosquito-borne disease is mostly present in tropical regions and spreads from human-mosquito-human and not directly to from human-to-human. This does not however make it any less easy to spread. The aedes mosquito is characterized as having white stripes on its body to contrast the normal black color of a mosquito.  

Plastic containers filled with stagnated water seem to be the perfect breeding ground for this type of mosquito, given that it procreates in clean stagnated waters. Another cause is improper disposal of human waste.

How do I know I have dengue?  

Dengue appears in stages and it takes from 3-14 days to show full symptoms. In the first days there will occur symptoms like fever, headache, and chills, a loss of appetite and body and joint pains. Patients also experience rashes, swollen feet inflammation of the lymph nodes and groin as well as low blood pressure.

In the second stage symptoms like a drop in body temperature and sweating will start to show. There will also occur a day or so when it seems that the virus has left and the person is starting to get better because of the sudden equilibrium in your body temperature, but that is like the calm before the storm because in the very next stage occurs a very high fever also characterized by the rashes that cover the body.     

Doctors also say that dengue can be asymptomatic as research suggests that the majority of people with this disease do not show any symptoms of them at all, this does not however mean that they cannot spread the virus to someone else, they are still capable of spreading the horrible virus.

How do I prevent myself and my close ones from getting this disease?  

There are a few ways to protect you from contracting dengue, here they are:

Considering that the aedes mosquito usually bites during the daytime, particularly in the early morning and early evening so make sure to wear repellents and light colored clothes with sleeves so that you are safeguarded during these hours.    

Seeing that these mosquitoes breed in stagnated water so make sure not to keep any water lying around and open for long periods. Ensure that excretion disposal in the best possible way. Make sure you manage your water storage in a very careful and hygienic manner.

Using or wearing repellent creams and natural repellents like neem or lavender oil at all times will help to reduce as much as possibility of getting bitten.


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