Dhananjoy–A Film Reopening the 27 Year Old Case Raising the Eyebrows Once Again

The nation will once again witness the judicial execution of Dhananjoy Chatterjee who was a security guard, charged of rape and murder of an 18 year old school student, on 5th March 1990. She was raped and murdered in an apartment of Bhawanipore, Bengal. After 27 years of this incident, film-maker Arindam Sil is all set to unveil the very same incident but with lots of fragmentary evidences and unscrupulous investigation. 

It was indeed a day all waited for, the execution of Dhananjoy. He turned 39 when he took his last breath. Arindam Sil, had researched on the very facts, evidences, reports and also had a fair conversation with his family and relatives. He says in a report that the family hasn’t forgotten the trauma that occurred to them on that day. It’s still lingering on their minds as if happened just yesterday. Dhananjoy had no extraordinary emotions on his face even after he heard about his death sentence. On the day of his trial he cried as he is innocent of the claims of rape, murder and theft that were slapped on him. 

Arindam’s research on the evidences even shows some of the sketchy and patchy investigation that had been imposed upon Dhananjoy. And the film tries to disclose all the matters that the authority and the audience back then had missed out. 

The film is releasing on the theatres on 11th of August 2017, and the audience are eagerly waiting for the trial case in an expectation of a fair judgement, at least in the movie.

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