Diarrhoea Outbreak Strikes the City of Joy

Things were unsettled in the city of joy since Saturday night. Alleged complaints regarding mass water contamination in Kolkata has surfaced in the city, hospitalizing over 28 people in Bhaghajatin-Jadavpur area. The number had not been decreasing since then. Almost 260 to 270 patients were the following day, leaving Mayor Sovon Chatterjhee answerable to the citizens. Almost 650 people across six municipal wards have reported symptoms of diarrhea after that.

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Water samples are being collected and tested by the officials of  Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) to identify the cause of this outbreak but the reports were deemed normal. The cause of contamination is therefore still not known to any. To get a better hold of this problem, water samples from individual houses are being collected and tested. We still do not know any particular cause of this problem but the only preventive measure we can take would be to switch to packaged water for now and boiling drinking water before consumption.

Civic workers are to start with the door-to-door visits from Monday in the affected areas of Patuli, Garia, Baghajatin, Jadavpur, Kasba and Nonadanga and distribute ORS samples to the fellow residents. Maybe this measure taken up by the KMC Department of Health can provide some relief to the city dwellers and wealk towards a common good. More than 1000 samples were already distributed from Anandapur Police Station in the adjoining affected areas.

Doctors at the Baghajatin State General Hospital are now compelled to refuse patients who are being brought in due to lack of space. With the mayor being dismissive of the current problem the city, can we really find out a solid solution to this?



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