Do Not Throw The Silica Gel Packets; Use Them In The Coolest Way Possible. Here’s How You Can Use them

Now there are things in this planet that we feel is not necessary. But if we use our brains in a smart way, then maybe we will come up with brilliant life hacks with just silica gel packets. These silica gel packets might be hanging around in corners of our houses just to be found out and disposed off! 

Silica gel packets are usually kept inside the packaging of new items like shoe boxes, purse, some medicines, gadgets and so on. After taking out the items, we probably throw those gel packets in the dustbin. But here is how you can use them in a whole new way:

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Underwater cameras

Underwater cameras claim to be fully waterproof. But sometimes the condensation can damage the cameras by ruining the lens. Also the fog that’s created can make a streak on the lens. Keep some packets of silica along with the phone case or with the lenses.

Cell phone

Often our phones just slip from our hands to the ground or on any wet surface. If ever this happens, then silica gel packets can rescue drying out your wet phone. Just open up the back cover, batteries, SIM cards and SD cards and all the peripherals out of the phone and dip it all in a bowl full of silica gel packets. Leave it overnight and let the silica work upon it.

Razor blades

Razor blades can catch rust or become dull due to oxidation and exposure to the moisture. After shaving, just blot dry the razors, and keep it in a container with 2-3 silica gel packets. It will absorb extra moisture and keep the razors dry, preventing it from getting rust.

Silver Jewellery

Silver jewelleries can get rust quickly. Corrosion or tarnish can be caused on the silver jewellery surface.
Keep silica gel packets on the jewellery box and it will ensure its clarity and originality


Silica gel packets can be kept inside the files too, to safeguard the important documents and papers. It will prevent your documents from becoming soggy.


Photographs can get wet due to moistures present on the atmosphere; even if it’s been well framed. Silica gel packets can save the damage.

Dry flowers

If someone is on to the process of drying flowers, then silica can be a good option. Keep the packets along with the flowers that needed to be dried. It helps the process to go faster.

Travel Bags

Keep some silica gel packets on to your travel bags, or the purse you carry daily. It will absorb the moisture that’s created inside the bag. 

So these are some coolest ways you can use the silica gel packets. Just make sure you keep these out of reach from children.



17 Oct 2017 06:23 PM

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