Facebook launches ‘Messenger Kids’ for Children under 13.

Now children under 13 can avail instant chatting and messaging with parents’ approval and complete control. The app is opening up for the kids with its prime focus on security and safety from child predators, paedophiles and other sort of crimes that children can be exposed to that’s beyond their knowledge.

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The ‘Messenger Kids’ lets the children’s parents download the app with their account and then create a profile for their kids in their name on their child’s iOS device, i.e. the phone or the tablet. The app is under full control of their parents or guardians. They can check their kids’ chats and they are the ones to allow whom to add and whom to reject.

There are special safety filters, or, special proactive safety filters that prevent children from either receiving, sending or sharing nude pictures, violence and any sexual content. If any texts or content is found that can be offensive then a well dedicated support team that will respond to any flagged or reported content. This app will have enabled kid-friendly GIF sharing engine. It also features childish like augmented reality masks, stickers and Giphy.

Facebook Messenger David Marcus says, “When you think about at scale that we do to get people to care more about Messenger, this is one that addresses a real need for parents”, he further added, “But the side effect will be that they use Messenger more and create family groups.”

The installation of Messenger Kids is a bit different than the normal Facebook Messenger installation. A 13 year old do not have a Facebook account. Hence it’s their parents to download Messenger Kids app to their child’s iPhone or iPad. The Messenger Kids is till now available for iOS. Android version of Facebook Messenger Kids will be available soon. The parents have to first authenticate their own account and then they can set-up a mini profile with their kid’s name and picture. Next, their parents can approve who is in their friend list as a contact for their kid. Only those people can connect and chat with their kid. The Facebook Messenger Kids are interoperable with the actual Messenger App. Hence, adults and parents don’t have to download the Kid’s app.

Kids cannot be found via search option and if any kid wants to chat with his or her classmates or friends, then their parents first have to be friends with the kid’s parents. And once they are connected, their kids can have a chat.

The home screen is colourful and kid like, with customizable colour for home screens. The big tiles show the picture of the existing chat threads and approved contacts. Kids can block or unblock their parent’s approved contacts though. There are no message contents that are for ad targeting. Neither there are in-app purchases.

Features like location sharing, payments, adult GIF have been excluded. Also the Giphy will not allow to even searching adult words like “sex”. But kids are also allowed to flag anything that they find it suspicious and offensive.

Hope the new app will work out as it’s thought to be and allow kids to have a fair and friendly chat session.


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