Haunted places have always attracted the attention of everybody and the adventurous ones are always in the lookout for busting the myth! The haunted railway station of West Bengal's Purulia district was no stranger to the curiosity of this bunch of nine from Paschim Banga Bigyan Manch. 

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This team of nine was equipped with torches, compasses and cameras and they had camped at this station with police protection on a Thursday night and busted the decades-old myth. Begunkodor station, located in the neighborhood of the Ayodhya Hills and 50 km from Purulia, had earned the peculiarity of being a 'ghost station' after the year 1967. The very same year its station master had allegedly died after seeing a “ghostly woman” wearing a white sari walking along the tracks at night.

This incident convinced people about the paranormal activities around the railway station and it has been left abandoned since then.  Only recently it was opened again after 42 long years by Mamata Banerjee during her tenure as the railway minister.

Nayan Mukherjee, the team leader reported to see absolutely nothing paranormal at the Begunkodor station from 11 PM at night till the early morning hours the next day.  The high end digital compasses and the cameras put up in the station compound by the team did not pick up any signs of paranormal activity as well.

The station is being publicized by the locals under the pretext of ‘ghost tourism'. Some of the locals according to the grapevine scare them away with the spooky noise and steal their possessions after they flee out of fear. Breaking this myth was just a stepping stone; efforts are being made to create awareness amongst the people over the public address systems.



07 Apr 2018 10:27 PM


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