Get Inspired: 10 Tips To Become a Morning Person.

Morning defines a new day and a new beginning. But for many people, that new day always starts off late. In fact some people wake up only to have a brunch. Well that’s very unhealthy for both body and mind. The lifestyle of such people changes automatically. They end up becoming lazy and stubborn. Even on their work schedules, they end up procrastinating. One must have to be a morning person in order to get everything organised, including their body functionalities.

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I can understand that once you have made a habit of waking up late, you will continue to be that way all throughout, even if he or she wants to improve that bad habit. Well, no worries, it takes time and it’s only you who can make the change. But first things first, get started. 

We are here to motivate you with these really important tips:

1. Make your mind

That’s the most important task that anyone needs to do before to actually work on how-to-wake-up-early. Push yourself with the thoughts that you have to wake up in the morning no matter what. Think deep of the negative outcomes if you lead your life in an unhealthy way. If you start your day late, it means you are starting your life late. And people are hours ahead of you. When you are waking up, your friends and people of your profession have already started scheduling their day. Hence make up your mind of an early start. 

2. Sleep seven to nine hours

Sleeping is a must. And sleep for at least seven hours minimum. It’s actually healthy to sleep for eight hours. No matter how busy your work schedules are, you must give yourself at least eight hours of sleep. And maximum sleep nine hours. A long hour of sleep at night lowers blood pressure and stress. It also improves metabolism and helps in proper digestion. Your memory will also be increased. Moods and concentration also gets heightened. There are tons of other benefits as well. The ultimate result, you will wake up early with a fresh and healthy mind and body.

3. Make sure you  start your sleep early at night

It’s of no use if you sleep at midnight 2AM. Because, if you count eight hours of sleep after the midnight 2 AM then you will probably wake up at 10 AM in the morning. So better try to sleep early, say like at 10 PM. And make this a daily habit.

4. Create a Night Routine

Create a healthy and proper night routine. And it must include a proper sleep time and a healthy clean environment so that you can sleep properly. Make your bedroom spacious and clean. Make it airy. You must have a sound sleep. And a neat and clean sleeping environment makes it better.

5. Keep away from all the gadgets while sleeping

Gadgets are a big no-no before sleep. It will distract you in various ways and you will engage yourself in various types of entertainment. If you have any works involving the internet, make sure you do it earlier. Listen to music, surf the internet, talk and chat with your near and dear ones, do everything, but make sure to stop all these before bed. Leave your phones and laptops aside. Try not to put all those gadgets on your bed. Distraction will keep you awake. So avoid not to distract yourself.

6. Do not hit the snooze button

All the late risers have the habit of hitting the snooze button as soon as the alarm rings. But this is nothing but you are allowing yourself to sleep more and more, which ultimately leads to procrastination. So, whenever your alarm bell rings, just wake up. Do not hit the snooze button. Remind yourself over and over again.

7. Immediately rise up from the bed

As so as the alarm bell rings in the morning, just wake up. Don’t hit the snooze button. Just wake up. And set your feet off from the bed as soon as you wake up. Make a habit of this activity. This habit will stop yourself from getting lazy and staying on bed for hours even after you have opened your eyes. Rise up, freshen up and start walking around.

8. Have a walk under the morning Sun

The sun rays touching your skin will make you feel better, freshen you up. Go out for an early walk. Try making a habit of having a walk before breakfast. It will result in more fat burn and loss of calories. Going out in the Sun will set your biological timing naturally.

9. Have a Protein based breakfast

After coming from an outdoor walk and exercise, come back home, freshen up and have your breakfast. Your blood sugar level and metabolism lowers down when you are sleeping. So after you wake up, your body needs to re-energize. And a protein based breakfast can do the work. Have protein rich colourful fruits and vegetables, yoghurts and milk for the breakfast.

10. Give yourself a reward

Reward yourself after you set a goal of waking up. This will maintain your habit of waking up. Gift yourself something or pamper yourself in the nicest way possible after you succeed in waking up early. Feel happy that you are succeeding in your mission of waking up early.


Rachael Stray

13 Nov 2017 03:07 PM

I think these tips are great. Using the snooze button is so detrimental as you're just starting to relax again and you're jolted awake. Having a good nighttime routine and getting things prepared for the morning also massively helps.


13 Nov 2017 03:13 PM

Great tips - can you do one on how to be tidy?


13 Nov 2017 03:21 PM

I think creating not only a night routine but a morning one as well is super important! Especially because we are creatures of habits! To me, as much as it costs, I always get up as soon as I'm awake... Sometimes its harder ( like when it's colder) but the day is so much more productive when you are a morning person!

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:22 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:22 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:22 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:23 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:23 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:23 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:23 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:23 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Okon George

13 Nov 2017 03:26 PM

Wow, such a nice motivational tips to stay heath in mind, body and soul.

Kiarna Jayne

13 Nov 2017 04:12 PM

Great post with some great tips! I definitely believe our mindset plays a big role in the mornings and I always make a conscious effort to think positively before getting out of bed! - Kiarna Jayne xo


13 Nov 2017 04:18 PM

I really wish i was a morning person! Struggling every morning to get out of bed lol thanks for the helpful tips

Om Trips Blog

13 Nov 2017 04:22 PM

This tips really help! Some of them I follow in my everyday life!


13 Nov 2017 04:46 PM

Thank you for your advice. I was not a morning person at all but I started to wake up early after having my kids. But to be honest I am still struggling and not feeling well🙈🙈 I will try to do with your advices

Senate Eskridge

13 Nov 2017 07:39 PM

I love Mornings!! Http://


13 Nov 2017 08:16 PM

Oh man I wish I could wake up early and go for a morning walk! I have to let my 3 dogs out in the am so that helps- I walk all around the yard with them so it wakes me up a bit. Great tips!


13 Nov 2017 08:42 PM

This is some wonderful tips thank you. Do you have any for sleeplessness? I can't fall asleep until morning hours so I don't get my 7 -9 hours sleep and find myself exhausted by the time the weekend arrives.


13 Nov 2017 11:40 PM

Will have to pass these tips onto my husband! He is NOT a morning person - I am :)


14 Nov 2017 12:59 AM

I would say, I'm a morning type of person and actually, I practice all of the things you have mentioned so this post has my full supprot. Thank you for sharing!


14 Nov 2017 02:11 AM

Great advice! I definitely hit my snooze button way too much!


14 Nov 2017 03:40 AM

Great post. Really good advice on how I can become more of a morning person.


14 Nov 2017 05:34 AM

Definitely going to try these! I am so not a morning person but want to be. Hopefully these tips will help, thank you!!

Life of The Fatty D

14 Nov 2017 08:08 AM

these are all great tips especially the last one! we all deserve rewards! =p great post!


19 Nov 2017 10:01 AM

Beautiful and motivational. Keep it up.


22 Nov 2017 09:44 AM

Amazing tips thanks for sharing


22 Nov 2017 10:55 AM

Awesome tips. I personally also believe in your 2nd point Sleep seven to nine hours is necessary


22 Nov 2017 06:43 PM

I am not at all a morning person.. Thanks for sharing these tips :)

Princy Khurana

22 Nov 2017 08:49 PM

wow, some very interesting and doable tips. I have always wanted to be a morning person, I think I; put these tips to work. thanks

leo lightfoot

22 Nov 2017 09:34 PM

whoa man! firstly it is such a beautiful blog. I just love the theme. great job. Secondly, thank you for such amazing motivation for rising up early. I have my exams in a week and I really needed this!

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