Get Water Splashed with Thailand’s Songkran Festival.

If you are on Thailand at the mid week of April, and see all the people soaked up in water, do not get confused or scared. It’s just a celebration of Thai’s New Year. The Thai New Year is on 13th of April every year. But the 14th and 15th of April is also considered holiday for celebrating the Songkran Festival at its best.

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The word Songkran has been derived from the Sanskrit word Samkranti, which means a change or a transformation, and to be specific, it means passing or approaching. In India’s Hindu religion Makar Sangranti marks a festival of the arrival of the spring. 

Songkran is Thailand’s most popular and famous festival. It marks the most important event according to the Buddhist Calendar.

The Celebration

The Songkran Festival is the celebration of fun and also purification. It is associated with rich symbolic traditions. On these three days, it’s a common ritual for locals to visit the temples and offer food to Buddhist monks. What’s mesmerizing is the iconic ritual performed by pouring water on Buddha statues. Pouring water actually represents washing away of one’s sins and washing away of bad luck. It marks the act of purification.

On these days, people who have moved away from hometown for work or other purposes, comes back to visit their family and loved ones. Younger members of the family pour water on the palms of the elders as a way of showing respect. Also on this day, paying reverence to the ancestors and the people who passed away is another important part.

Apart from this, the Songkran Festival is celebrated in a very fun way. People pour water on one another. All are soaked up in the streets and roads, throwing waters with buckets and water pistols. Streets are closed and make sure there is least traffic on the busy areas, as all the crowds engage themselves in water fights. Imagine the entire people of Thailand residing including the tourists and visitors all engaged in water splashing and water fights. What an eye-catching celebration that would be.

On some regions people involve themselves in cleaning their home and surroundings. Moreover, they go and offer food to the monks, give offerings to the temple for the betterment of it. In the Northern part of Songkran Festival, people light up firecrackers on April 13th. And on the next day they prepare food to give offerings and also pour water on Buddha statues and pour water on the hands of elders as an act of respect.

The celebration of splashing water on people is celebrated everywhere. It is worth watching and worth participating. Even the tourists are welcomed to participate. Just have no fear and give yourself in to get soaked and splashed. From buckets, water pistols to even elephants can be used to throw water. Only make sure you don’t fall into any accidents. Rest assured, the Songkran Festival is worth experiencing the fun and celebrating a bunch of memories.


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