Glossy Lids Are Going Viral: Here’s the Simplest Steps How You Can Create One

From Highlighters to glitters and from shimmers to shine, fashion and makeup trends are all tuning with a little bit ‘Extra’. The extra shimmer and shine on your cheeks, tip of the nose and the lip’s Cupid’s bow already creates that goddess like shine. Moreover if the eye lids are glossy as well then nobody can stop you shine out with the angelic looks.

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From Glossy lips the trend transcended to Glossy lids; and top trendsetting celebs like Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, the style icon Sonam Kapoor and the style diva Priyanka Chopra can be seen putting on the glossy lid trend and carrying it out like a girl boss!

And the steps are really easy. It doesn’t need any specific colour combination to create a glossy lid. Any high end eye shadow or any lower priced drugstore products can go. And yes, you can create glossy eyelids with any colour you want.

The products you will need to make perfect glossy lids are:

* Transparent eye primer
Eye shadow or shimmers 
Vaseline, transparent eye gloss or transparent lip gloss. 
Mascara (optional)
Eye-lash curler

How to make the goddess like glossy lids:

Use eye primer to prep your eyes properly. The eye shadow and eye shimmers must stick on to the eye lids properly. Hence try applying a good quality eye primer evenly.

Next, apply eye shadow, specifically metallic or shimmery cream-based eye shadow on the eye lids.

Dab a thin layer of Vaseline or transparent eye gloss on your eye lids on top of the eye shadow. Transparent lip gloss will also work. Just make sure anything that you are applying is non-greasy and less sticky or denser.  Try not to rub too much applying much strength as it can ruin the eye shadow layering. Apply it gently on your eyelids.

Then rub out the excess using Q-tips. Make sure the corners of your eyes are cleaned and excess eye shadows and gloss are rubbed off in order to avoid creasing.

If you want to add volume to your glossy lids, then finish off the eye makeup by applying coats of mascara.

You are all set to shine.

Make sure you do not sweat or travel in sun exposed places or areas with high density of pollution, as it can attract tons of pollutions that might stick on to your gloss and can even melt your eye makeup. Carry Q-tips and tissue paper along with you to give a quick touch-up and remove excess products.



11 Feb 2018 05:07 AM

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