Heart Brow: Another Brow Trend Getting Viral This 2017.

2017 seems like a trend setter of all the innovative, creative as well as most weird and creepy hair and make-up trends. Things go viral instantly as the makeup gurus on social media experiment on to anything weird and call it on ‘viral trend’. Some people are smart enough to criticise it whereas most of them turn out to be trying on to social media viral makeup-up trends. Out of so many viral experimentations on hair and make-up, this year the world saw many eye-brow styles, which for real are weird.

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Speaking of eyebrows, this year we have the barbed eyebrows or the dragon brows, squiggle eyebrows, feather brows, glitter eyebrows followed by the most trending brow style: the heart brow! The weird shaped brows can be done without cutting down the hair. One can apply glue or gel to the brows and simply comb and style it up to the desired shapes.

Image Credit : Ahlan Live

But the most trending heart brows are a bit different than other brow trends. So basically, it’s a cute little heart shape shaved off from the peak of the arch of your brows. It looks cute though. But it surely needs some shaving off of your real eyebrow hairs and many of us might not want that without having multiple thoughts on it. Moreover, it really needs some skilful hands to have that tiny heart shape cut out from the arch of the brows.

Plus this trend needs extra care and a thorough watch over because tiny baby hairs will fill in your ‘heart’ and you need to pluck it off every now and then. So this trend, though it looks cute and cool, it needs attention.


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