Here Are 21 Weirdest Haircut Where It Seems the Barber Knows it All; So Better “Say No More”

Having bad hair days? Well there are people who have taken their hairstyles on a whole new level. Some are so hilarious that they have placed themselves on to the list of “Say no more” meme. Basically, ‘Say no more’ is a funny concept of memes where a weird hairstyle is put for mocking with the barber replying “Say no more” on some funny questions that goes exactly with the hairstyle.

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So here are 21 ‘Say no more’ weird haircuts where it seems the barber knows it all; so better “say no more”

1. Windows XP anyone ?

2. Pretty much like that only

3. Speechless

4. A pretty basket with a detailed work though!

5. Pretty much a good harvest

6. They swirly cinnabons....

7. You can even peek quite properly

8. Protecting your brand new hairstyle is very much necessary isn’t it?

9. When you are too much into driving....

Image Credit : Bored Panda

10. “And miles to go before I sleep”

11. A perfect tea for your head!

Image Credit : Bored Panda

12. Or may be a Starfish!

Image Credit : Bored Panda

13. No time to buy fancy Hats!

Image Credit : Bored Panda

14. No need to say it twice that you’ve ruined your life.

Image Credit : Bored Panda

15. Now that’s really artistic!

Image Credit : Bored Panda

16. Nice try Boy! Nice try!

17. Scary A F!

Image Credit : Bored Panda

18. Who wants a real hat if you can DIY one?

Image Credit : Bored Panda

19. See, women are so caring!

20. Even he knows Haters are gonna attack!

21. Yeah! Just Do It!

Image Credit : Bored Panda


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