How an Orange a Day Can Also Keep the Doctor Away

Growing up as an adult we’ve always heard this proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple surely does have many health benefits. But orange is not a runner-up in this matter. It also has plenty of health benefits. 

It grows on a moderate to cold climate, such as between 15.5 to 29 Degree Celsius.  And guess what, it’s the largest citrus fruit harvested in the world. More than 70 million oranges are grown worldwide with Brazil having its largest share. Furthermore it’s the world’s third preferable flavour after chocolate and vanilla. 

I guess you are getting some initial hint of how important it can be for human health as well. It aids in having a healthy skin and body, improves bodily functions. So here’s why an orange a day can also keep the doctor away:

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1. Orange keeps skin healthy

I guess we all have seen some beauty products claiming it has some ‘orange extracts’ that can enhance our beauty. Well, the real orange is very effective for the skin. It has beta-carotene which protects our cells from cell damage.

2. Reduces the chances of kidney damage

Orange juices prevent kidney damage. It also checks kidney diseases and tends to keep it healthy. It also prevents kidney stones. However make sure you don’t intake too much of sugar based fruit juice.

3. It helps lowering cholesterol

Oranges contain pectin and hesperidin that helps lowering the bad cholesterol. It helps slowing down of fat absorption. Bad cholesterol is eliminated to some extent.

4. Reduces Arthritis 

Orange contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduces the risk of arthritis. It also reduces the inflammation that rises from the arthritis.

5. Helps in Digestion

Oranges are rich in fiber which helps in proper digestion of food. It releases digestive enzymes that boost the digestion process.

6. Helps in brain development.

It helps in proper growth of brain. The folic acid present in orange enhances the development of brain.

7. It boosts immunity

Orange is really essential for strengthening the immune system. It contains Vitamin C. And Vitamin C increases White Blood Cell (WBC) production, which thereby caters a better immune system.

8. Strong Bones

Calcium is present in Oranges that strengthens our bones and teeth. So orange has to be in your must have fruit list if you want stronger bones.

9. It has anti-oxidants

The anti-oxidants present in oranges eliminate unwanted oxidation. Hence it keeps you secured from major diseases and inflammation.

10. Good for vision

The rich nutrients present in oranges are good for eye sights. It improves eye vision and keeps your eyes on a healthy state.

11. Proper Blood circulation

It ensures that the body is having a proper blood flow throughout the body and lymphatic system. It helps stimulate proper blood circulation, thereby improving the blood flow.

12. Fights viral infections

Oranges has anti-oxidants that eliminate unnecessary oxidation, hence securing you from getting any viral infections. Furthermore, the polyphenols and flavonoids in oranges helps fight viral infections.

13. It prevents Ulcer 

Oranges are rich in fiber and it helps prevent stomach ulcer.


Dr. Karen Lee Banks

25 Oct 2017 08:17 AM

OK, I did NOT know about all these health benefits of oranges! Kinda funny, considering all you ever hear is the "apple a day..." mantra! I love the taste of oranges and would have no problem having an orange a day! Thanks for sharing!


04 Nov 2017 06:05 PM

I've always loved oranges and now thanks to all these health benefits and more, I'll probably go enjoy one. Thanks for sharing!


04 Nov 2017 07:59 PM

Omg I really didn't realise oranges had that many health benefits. I'm definitely going to start having more. Thank you for sharing


04 Nov 2017 08:47 PM

I love oranges! probably my favorite fruit!

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