Human Flesh for Meal in Tokyo’s First Restaurant that Serves Human Meat

Foods are something that’s edible and hygienic. And what’s bad in human meat? We intelligent creatures can be tasty as well and can be perfectly served on to someone’s plate. Well, that’s what one of the Tokyo’s restaurants is up to. It’s serving authorised and legal human meat. Yes you heard it right. And it’s legal as well.

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The restaurant is nicknamed “The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin” which simply means “Edible Brother” in English.  It is opened for both Japanese public and rest of the world to have a taste of well-cooked human meat.

It offers its customers dishes ranging from 100 up to 1000 Euros. This means the human flesh will cost around 1193 US Dollars.

The human meat comes from those people who have authorised the sale of their body legally. The people who have granted the authorisation die; their body goes a thorough treatment for preventing it from deterioration.

Each body costs around £ 27,000 ad the price is given to the family of the dead. These human meals are legal as long as maintains strict sanitary conditions.

Now if you are a bizarre food connoisseur then you can have a try of how we human taste like. According to a report, a tourist from Argentina tasted the first human meat in the restaurant “Edible Brother”, and according to him, “It seems like eating pork, in this restaurant they cook the meat with spices so the taste goes unnoticed.”

If you dare, then you be the next judge.



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