IIT-ians Have Come Up with This Idea to Save Patients

IIT Kharagpur came up with this brilliant idea which can monitor the physiological conditions of patients who are ferried in ambulance. The new technology is named ‘AmbuSens’. This can help study the patients’ health, by live tracking the medical and physiological changes of the patients even from the ambulance.

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How this works: Laptops along with good internet connections will be installed to constantly supervise the health conditions and changes in the patient’s body. And all these processes will be executed in the real-time. 


On the other side, wireless body sensors will be fitted on the patient’s body. Easy to use graphical interface will be working on continuously along with data visualisation tools. ECG, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate etc. of the patients can be checked live with the help of real-time graph rendering systems. This graphical interface will be accessed from internet-enabled laptops, smart phones and tablets. 

Proper medical instructions will be provided to the ambulance team by the doctors thereby saving the lives of the patients in the case of emergency. It is a great initiative, not to mention, the IITians did a great job once again! 


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