India Starts Producing World’s Most Expensive Coffee and It’s Made of Cat Poop

India is has started making the world’s costliest coffee and it is made on a small scale, from the poop of civet cat in Karnataka’s Coorg District. 

This Civet Coffee is also known as Luwark Coffee. It is expensive because of the method it’s being made. The process of the coffee is very uncommon and some might feel weird. The coffee is actually produced from the coffee beans that are digested by the civet cat. The faeces of the civet cat are then collected, processed and sold. 

The Coffee is very costly. It is kind of a drink of the elite class. The Civet Coffee is widely sold in Europe and Gulf Nations. It is sold for Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 / kg abroad. And India is no way an exception; it’s not going to lag behind in terms of coffee production. A start-up firm known as Coorg Consolidated Commodities (CCC), has set its foot on the door by making this luxury coffee on a small scale. 

This expensive and exotic coffee is being sold under the brand name ‘Animane’ and currently the company has only one outlet at Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort. It sells locally produced coffee, spices and other such products. 

Narendra Hebbar, one of the founders of CCC said, “Civet cat eats the flesh of the coffee cherries and not the bean. Natural enzymes in civet’s stomach enhances the bean flavour and that’s why the coffee is unique,” he said. He further added, “We want to promote this coffee locally. We will open a cafe soon. We will sell ‘Coorg Luwark Coffee’ along with other varieties such as Cappucino and Expresso.” 

Whereas on overseas it is being sold at Rs. 20,000 – 25,000 per kg, here it’s being sold at Rs. 8000 per kg.

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