Is Anushka - Virat Wedding Confirmed?

The entire cricket devotees, Anushka fans and die hard followers of Virat Kohli and Anushka are eagerly waiting for the final verdict of whether their marriage rumours is fake or it’s getting real.

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Anushka Sharma has left for Italy on Thursday night with close family members and a priest. And this news has stirred a huge question on the entire nation within a very short apan of time. The rumor of marriage in Italy between Anushka and Virat is now the nation’s biggest concern when the question comes of entertainment.

And to top cherries on the controversy, Virat Kohli has also left for Italy recently. Now this surely raises so many eyebrows. So are they going to be married? Mmm...The answer is inclining more towards ‘yes’.

However such controversies sweep across the social media and internet very often. Especially Indian Cricket Team captain’s affair with Bollywood star actress Anushka Sharma has previously heightened our excitement with many would-be marriage gossips.

Virat and Anushka’s trip to Italy with family members and a priest –the story seems to gain more weight to further convince us that the latest and most gossiped news might be true.

Rumours are getting stronger and stronger as recently sources in the internet said that the pre-wedding celebrations have already begun. The couple will be celebrating their pre-wedding moments at Tuscany. Luxurious hotel in Milan will be hosting the couple’s wedding that’s about to be held on 12th of this December, 2017.

On one hand, Anushka’s spokesperson has denied the news, while on the other hand the speculations and rumours are getting intensified as Anushka Sharma’s father has supposedly invited neighbours of the apartment complex for the wedding reception at Mumbai that will be hosted by the couple either this month or the next month.

Report says, “The star dad has made calls to some building folks, inviting them for the wedding that is slated for next week. As everyone cannot travel to Italy, he was keen to make them aware of the developments and seek blessings for the couple."

So now ‘to be married’ or ‘Not to be married’ that is the question.


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