Is Justice Really and Finally Served to Unfaltering Law-breakings by this Act?

A speechless bizarre incident once again happened in Uttar Pradesh. A herd of donkeys were put behind the bars. Their fault? Well, they ended up eating valuable plants of the Urai’s jail premises.

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The animals were detained and put inside the jail by Jail Superintendant Sita Ram Sharma as the donkeys chewed up the costly plants that were brought for plantation inside the jail premises by the prison authorities.

The donkeys received no bails after multiple requests from the owner of the donkeys.

But with the ruling party leader making the request, “release orders” were finally signed and the “guilty” four-legged criminals were set free after a jail of four days.

RK Mishra, the head constable of Urai Jail said that the plants were very expensive. The donkeys were set loose and destroyed the plants. Even after a warning the owners set the donkeys lose. And the outcome was: destruction of the valuable plants. He told the media, “These donkeys had destroyed some very expensive plants which our senior officer had arranged for planting inside jail and despite warnings the owner let loose his animals here so we detained the donkeys.'

There were crowds to see the usual and bizarre sights of the guilty donkeys being set free from the jail. 

Now this bizarre and weird incident raises a lot of eyebrows against the issue. Aren’t these against animal rights? And does jailing innocent animals fix the major issue that intelligent humans cause, like massive corruptions, vandalism, sexual harassments, murders and other such heinous crimes? And what about those culprits that are set free? These kinds of incidents are totally weird and simply unexpected under Indian law.


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