Is Ta – Ta Towel Women’s New ‘Breast’ Friend? The World Has Gone Crazy over This New Thing

Where weird fashion is on trend, there is something more offbeat yet useful and worthwhile this season. And it supposedly wants to be a woman’s best friend; it’s the ‘Ta – Ta Towel’. It’s a special towel bra that’s strapless. And it slings over the neck and holds the breasts up. The main purpose of this bra is to prevent breast sweating. And to a certain surprising extent, it works perfect for those who are using them. It is also meant to prevent boob rashes.

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Though after its launch, some women strongly mocked and made fun of it, but that’s nothing in comparison to the number of fans and boosters. To a few women it’s kind of “bizarre” looking “boob hammock”, moreover ‘so goofy’ kind of a “boob holder”. 

But for most of the women it’s the most useful and fancy kind of a ‘breast accessory’ that not only holds your breasts, but saves you from many boob problems that was previously unnoticed. It absorbs unnecessary breast sweating and prevents rashes to occur. Most importantly, it has been beneficial for pregnant women and lactating mothers as it absorbs breast milk leaving no stain marks on the cloth worn above. Plus, some women have found out that it hides the pointy and sensitive nipples. Overall it works more than just a bra, and is an innovation solving out female issues. 

It is comfortable and feels “naked without being naked”. And, in the world of gender stereotyping, body stereotyping and body-shaming, this Ta- Ta Towel is all set to break the ongoing clichés; as it is not sexually tempting, yet it works! 

Even the advertisement goes opposite to what the top high lingerie brand displays: the super slim on point ‘perfect’ bodied models! Ta – Ta Towel’s models are of plus sizes with natural breasts which shows exactly how it works for women in common. 

With all that goodness and benefits, Ta - Ta Towel seems legit for the women who love their breasts! Surely every women does and must do!



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