Italy’s Haunted Poveglia Island: You'll Think Twice before Visiting It

A small island is located at northern Italy in Venetian Lagoon between Venice and Lido. What makes it so special is the darkest history associated with it. At present this place is declared haunted and it attracts many of the tourists and paranormal investigators. However this place is totally abandoned and all the tourists, locals, fishermen are prohibited from giving a visit to the island. In fact no one dares to go into the island.

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Now this small Poveglia Island has been a place of exile for centuries. It’s been a refuge and a dumping ground for the dying, deceased and the diseased.

The island had its first inhabitants in 421, when men, women and children from Padua and Este fled on that island for a shelter, as to escape the barbarian invasions. The population began to grow and flourish until 1379 it was governed by a dedicated Podesta and the people were moved to the Giudecca when in 1379 Venice was under attack from the fleet on Genoan and the island was again abandoned.

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The Plaque

At 1348 the Bubonic Plague was arrived in Poveglia and also in Venice just like many other small islands. The plague created panic in the entire area as it killed one out of every three Europeans. In fear of the contagious disease, Venice decided to exile the plaque symptom-bearing victims on Poveglia Island. Thousands of citizens who suffered from the deadly disease died on that island due to lack of proper treatment. Those who used to die were burnt at the centre of the island and those who used to protest were also killed along with them. Moreover on 1630 the Black Death invaded the city, again kindling back the fire.

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This black history of massive death was considered to be the source of the haunting of the dead souls who died here on the island suffering from the deadly plaque.

And after the long turmoil was over, the island relied on the hands of military campaign of the Napolean, used as a defendable place for gunpowder and weapon storage.

The buildings that are still standing amidst the ruins are a church, a cavana, a hospital, a bell tower, housing and administrative buildings for staff and an asylum. The 12th century old bell-tower is most visible structure on island. The tower was re-used as a lighthouse.

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The Asylum

The Poveglia Asylum is one of the structures that still have remnants of the dark history that’s associated with the place. The asylum was for the mentally ill patients those were kept over there for treatment. There are some rumours that in the 1930s there was a doctor who used to perform some strange experiments on the patients. On the due course, he loses his mental balance and threw himself down from the asylum’s bell-tower.

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The locals say that they can still hear the chimes of the bell-tower even though they are removed years ago. Recently an Italian construction crew came to the island in an attempt to restore the former hospital building but they stopped their work all of a suddenly without giving any explanation. The locals believe that the island’s dark forces drove them away.

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The place is said to be always creepier and giving some dark vibes. Many believed that the place is extremely haunted as many took their final breath here. Almost none of them had a pleasant death, they were in pain: the pain of separation from families and loved ones, the pain of the deadly disease and the pain of ill treatment by the doctors and staffs.

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28 Nov 2017 03:37 PM

Wow...such an interesting place rich with history.

Paul Divine

30 Nov 2017 10:18 PM

I wish I could visit.


20 May 2018 12:16 AM

it used to be the most beautiful Island personally but then it got destroyed and now it's disgusting

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