KFC Launches Bath Bomb in Case You Want to Bathe and Smell Like Fried Chicken.

If you are addicted to KFC’s fried chicken and you want to have that smell linger not only on your finger but also on your entire body, then this might be the perfect thing for you.  KFC Japan has introduced this new beauty product alongside its juicier and tastier chicken products that will soak you into the fragrance of deep fried chicken. 

The fast food giant KFC has launched this limited edition of ‘Chicken Smell Bathing Powder’ to give you the opportunity to bathe in your favourite chicken flavour. KFC’s weird product is being launched for a limited time period with the limited-time collaboration with Tokyo’s one of the famous retailer Village Vanguard. 
The KFC bath bomb will not be available in any other store other than that of Japan’s. One has to participate in a competition to avail the chicken scented bath bomb. Moreover lucky winners will also get a chance to get a Red and white coloured KFC branded box. In addition, they will also get coupon for Secret Combination Pack of Chicken.

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People have mixed reaction on this offer. For some it’s something worth a try. And for some, it’s the weirdest thing ever made. There are tweets in reaction to the offer:


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