Karuna Kunj Pet Cemetery: Give Your Pet a Final Resting Peace Also With a Good Cause

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” – A.D. Williams.

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Pets complete a family. The most innocent souls if ever alive in the planet till now, then it’s them. Those who have pets or do love animals just like their loved ones, then they know how it feels like to be with them. These cute little fluffy pets know you better than anyone else. And no matter what they will never leave you, except for their final day, when it’s time for them to leave the earth.

When these innocent souls bid us a final good bye, it’s probably the worst thing that happens to us. And there is hardly anything we can do to pay them respect forever in a proper way. But the City of Joy, Kolkata offers you to give your pet a final resting place.

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The South 24 Paraganas of Kolkata there is a cemetery, all dedicated to the pets, and that place is called Karuna Kunj. The place is run by The Compassionate Crusaders Trust. The burial ground is the probably the best thing that one has come up to.

Image Credit : Beacon Kolkata

Mr. Debasis Chakrabarti the founder and patron of Karuna Kunj have taken the appropriate initiative. He says, “The burial ground is not restricted to any particular kind of pets. Dogs, cats, parrots, pigeons etc lay buried on these grounds. It was remarkable to see that in a society where most people love to eat animal flesh, a lady, loved and pet three roosters who she buried here over a period of time... there have been more than 6000 pet burials in the last 20 years in Karuna Kunj ... this only goes to show that what a stupendous response we have got from pet owners and animal lovers”.

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The procedure for the burial goes out smoothly. The deceased pet is brought in a hearse till Karuna Kunj’s gate. Then the body is covered with a new white cloth and carried on a stretcher either by the family members or by the staffs as per preference. The burial ground is a 50m walk from the main gate. The grave is dug in advance. The grave is dug according to the size of the pet. Everything is done within Rs. 2000. However there are optional charges if anyone wants to build memorial plots. The cemetery also offers a prayer hall for the families of their beloved deceased pets can go, pray and meditate.

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The pet cemetery is just like any other cemetery. It’s filled with the ambiance of peace, purity and tranquillity. The owner of their pets go visit their loved ones who left them, offer them flowers and prayers. Sometimes they offer sweets and cakes as well.

Karuna Kunj is not just a ‘shelter for mute destitutes’, but it also comes with another good cause. It is a natural eco-friendly burial ground. It is also recycled every four to six months. The pets are buried in the ground so that they can naturally get decomposed and adds fertility to the soil. Also the owners of the pets are asked if they can plant saplings in memory of their dead pets. This in turn also adds greenery to the entire area. The plants that can sustain calcium and phosphorous largely, are allowed to be planted there. Debasis Chakrabarti of The Compassionate Crusaders Trust (CCT) said, “The message we want to convey through this is that life continues. One may die but he goes back to nature as a tree.”

The place has two parts for the burial process. One part is used for the burial while the other one is being recycled. Moreover, the authorities do not allow burying pets for six months in the same place where another pet has been buried.

Image Credit : Beacon Kolkata

Karuna Kunj also runs animal shelters, for cats, dogs and birds. The trust also is dedicated to give ample care to the stray dogs, abandoned or injured pets. They rehabilitate these poor animals to give them respect and utmost love and care, which they deserve. In fact their cat shelter is known as Asia’s biggest cat shelter.

This Non-profit organisation has been offering respect and peace to the humble pets that once were very close to their owners and their family members. It is due to such strong and valid initiative taken by such trust organisation that the animal lovers and owners of the deceased pets are being able to bid their final goodbye in a ceremonious and dignified manner.


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