Khichdi: Is it gonna be Our National dish or Not?

Khichdi is known across India as one of the staple meals of India and one of the healthiest. But seriously to eat Khichdi is not fun! Khichdi is made by boiling together rice and dal (lentils) and because of its simplicity is both healthy and economical.

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The Khichdi Buzz: 

According to rumors about the World Food India event that will take place on from the 3rd to the 5th of November, it will be named as the ‘National food’ of India. This piece of gossip however, was shot down in a tweet by the Food Processing Minister himself, where he said that the whole idea of “national food” was “fictitious” and that Khichdi will be entered into the competition for a record entry. Plans have been made to make it a Guinness world record, as they have appointed highly celebrated, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to cook 800 kilograms of Khichdi with the help of 50 other people.

Five Fun Facts about Khichdi: 
1. All across India, Khichdi is relished especially in the monsoon season. This warm comfort food is perfect for the cold rainy season.

2. Although Khichdi is made across India is not prepared in the same way nor is it called the same thing. 
For example Bengalis call their version “Khichuri” and it includes other items in the dish like fried veggies and a curry called Lyabra which may contain delicious Hilsa fish.   

3. Khichdi is a wholesome food. It is an ideal meal which has protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and is also very low in fat content. 

4. Khichdi is incredibly easy to make and its preparation can be completed within 15 minutes. It is loved by both the rich and the poor.

5. Against popular belief that the glycemic index is very high for Khichdi because one of its main ingredients is rice, the truth is that because Khichdi also includes other ingredients like vegetables and fish, these compensate for, and reduce the GI content in the meal making it safe to eat even for diabetics!

My take on the Khichdi Case…  

I personally love Khichdi, its yummy melt in the mouth texture and I especially like it with lots and lots of butter. 

But honestly I wouldn’t consider it a contender for our national food! Sure everybody eats it but most people do because it easy to make and is inexpensive.

But I am happy of the fact that after the attempt to enter into the World Food India, many other countries will hear about this humble dish that we love and will incorporate it into 5 star restaurants and introduce it in style to the whole world.


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