Know the Sensitive Erogenous Zone of You and Your Partner On The Basis Of Zodiac Signs.

Almost every person has one or more than one erogenous zone in the body that turns them on instantly if properly if touched and triggered properly. Having a proper knowledge on human body and sensitive trigger points of the body can really help making relationships and sexual lives have a stronger bond. So it’s better to have a fair knowledge that will act as your guide star as you make a move. 

So let’s know the sensitive erogenous zone of you and your partner on the basis of zodiac signs.

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Aries : Head, Hair and Face

If you love an Aries, play with his or her hair. Or probably give him/her a head massage. Kiss the ears and say erotic words by coming closer to your partner. These will be a turn on for sure.

Taurus: Neck and Throat 

Venus rules Taurus, and so Taurus is a naturally erotic zodiac sign. They are great lovers. They are passionate and their love stays long-lasting. If you want to play with the Bull, try kissing their neck. It’s their hottest erogenous zones and they are sure to fall for you.

Gemini: Hands, Arms and Shoulders

If you want to hold their hands for the rest of their lives, then literally hold their hands! Geminis love holding hands, kissing hands and arms, massaging the shoulders. A light tickle can also turn them on.

Cancer: Chest, breast, abs and stomach area

Cancers are extremely receptive to touch around their chests. They would love their breasts and chests, abs and stomach area to be caressed, kissed and massaged. That’s a huge turn on for them.

Leo: Back, Chest, Shoulders

Their weakness is their back area. Anywhere around the back if touched sensually, they are sure to get aroused. They would love your sensual back rubs and massages.

Virgo: Stomach, waistline

If you want their heart to neat faster, try caressing their waistline. Their erogenous zones are also present in the middle of their stomach. A soft touch over that area can induce arousal.

Libra: Lower back and butt

The lower back area is their weakness. A gentle massage on lower back and even on their butt area can make them lose their mind! 

Scorpio: The genitals, prostate glands, Bladder 

Scorpion’s biggest erogenous zones are their genital areas. They might not tell you this, but their genital areas are extremely sensitive and they can be turned on even by the slightest of touch.

Sagittarius: Thighs and Hips

One way to turn these Sagittarius turn on is to touch and massage their thighs or press their hips. They are extremely sensitive to kissing, touching and massaging. And if you are into sensually massaging the inner thighs, then you got him/her!

Capricorn: Legs and Knees

If you want a Capricorn to fall on your knees, then it’s the knee area itself which Capricorn falls for. Their legs and knees are very sensitive. Try running your hands on their legs. You can tickle them if you want.

Aquarius: Ankles and calves 

You will be amazed to watch how erotic they can become if you touch their ankles and calves. They are extremely sensitive in and around the calves and ankle areas.

Pisces: Feet and Toes

Feet and toe massages are what they want. They will be relaxed and super charged as well if you rub their toes and gently massage their feet. 

It’s better to have a fair knowledge before you make a move. So these are the sensitive erogenous zone of you and your partner on the basis of zodiac signs.


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