Kolkata’s Nitasha Biswas Grabs The Title of India’s First Transqueen

The whole world has faced or still is facing gender issues and transgender issues. India has bought us Miss World, Miss Universe, but this is the first time India has her first Transqueen. Kolkata’s Nitasha Biswas won the title of India’s first Miss Transqueen, a beauty pageant that was held in Gurugram. 

The 26 year old woman is from Kolkata and currently pursuing a Masters in Business Management.  Manipur’s Loiloi Haorongbam became the first runner-up and Ragasiya from Tamil Nadu won the second runner-up.

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There were nearly 16 transwomen who walked the ramp at the event. These transwomen were selected from out of near about 1,500 transwomen from all corners of the country. 

India’s first Transqueen Nitasha Biswas was crowned by Miss Transsexual Australia 2017 Laeticia Phylliscia Raveena. 
Now Nitasha is all gearing up for the Miss International Transqueen in Thailand, which is about to be held on March 2018. The first runner up shall compete at Miss Transsexual Australia. 

Gauri Sawant, Transgender social activist, who was one of the jury members, said: “This is the first organized pageant on a national level for the transwoman after Nalsa judgement so, I strongly believe that this is going to empower transsexuals and would aspire them to dream of winning the crown and representing their country and community on an international platform.” 

Nitasha Biswas, the winner, told in the news report, “I feel very privileged to be where I am today, knowing the struggles and hardship I have gone through,” she also added, “I always wanted to empower our system and our community because that is what is needed.” Biswas also pointed out the real fact and that is, “Many transgender women are going through a lot of molestation, pain, lack of family support,” “They are getting into sex work.”

Nitasha Biswas, has set an example that even transwomen are also a part of the society and can also win beauty pageant like any other.


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