Kolkata Sex Workers Have Their Own Idol and Pandal This Year, after 5 years

Injustice against a specific community of people has been the unfortunate reality for generations especially in India. Here in Kolkata, Durga Puja Festivals are celebrated for more than a week and it’s the biggest most brightest and enjoyable time to be in Kolkata because every street has a pandal and holds puja. 

But for the sex workers in Sonagachi celebrating this wonderful festival was not an option for the past couple of years. Bharati Dey of the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Samiti (DMSS) said last year that, “Despite repeated appeals, our wish has not been granted. There will be no Durga Puja this year” This was an unfortunate and sad situation as they happen to be more than 7,000 sex workers in this area not including other residents who every year look forward to the celebrations to no avail by the courts. 

In the year 2013, after strong appeal they were allowed to have a small celebration in a small community hall with a minor allowance of 2 lakhs. And in the years that followed they had no celebrations at all. 

To their great surprise and extreme joy, this year there will be not just a minor celebration but a huge one, because there will be a Puja Pandal as well as a wonderful Pratima especially for this area. 

Kajol Bose, secretary, made this statement to IANS, “We are going for a full-fledged marquee as well as idol," and added, “A five-member team comprising representatives of police, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, fire department and our collective was constituted by the court to decide the location and other details.” 
Excitement is in the air as all the people in this red light area and around, amounting to approximately 20,000 visitors are preparing for a huge Durga Puja festival to receive blessings from Ma Durga.

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