Latest WhatsApp Update is with a Bunch of New Features.

WhatsApp is working on new and latest features that is beneficial in the instant messaging platform to make it more convenient and user-friendly. In-app payments, business platforms, its material design, deleting sent message to groups and so on are some of the features that’s bought recently into the social media messaging platform: WhatsApp! And now, WhatsApp is all set to include new features furthermore such as private replies in group, picture in picture (PiP) mode, shake to report, view YouTube videos within WhatsApp and many more amazing features.

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The info has been leaked by WABetaInfo, which had also revealed information before. It has also reported that these features are being tested out in the Beta version of the app. But not all Beta version users can see the changes for now.

There are some special features, which are till now available in the web version. Private Replies in Group, Picture in Picture (PiP) mode are however available in the Web version, whereas features like Tap to unblock any user, invite via a link, Shake to report are supported in app versions like 2.17.424, 2.17.436 and 2.17.437.

Private Reply in Group

The Private Replies in group feature allows the user to privately chat with any member of the group without any other group members see the conversation. One will not have to leave the conversation from the group in order to chat privately with someone of that group. The long pressing on the Reply option in a group conversation, will lead to open another option called ‘Reply Privately’. That will allow you to reply to any group member privately. This cuts down the disorganized form of conversation catering a fair chat with people you need to talk to. This feature is till now on the Web Version of the WhatsApp.

Shake to Report

The Shake to Report is another important and interesting feature of WhatsApp. As the name suggests, one just need to shake the device if anyone has to report any problems that you face with the WhatsApp. This new feature is available in the WhatsApp beta version number 2.17.437. The once you shake it, it will open the Contact Us section of the WhatsApp app. There you can report your problems directly.

Picture in Picture (PiP) Mode

This is a feature for multitasking and conversation-made-easy. The Picture in Picture (PiP) Mode helps the users to do multitasking while taking a video call. The user will get a new icon in the app that will help the user taking a video call while it shall open another window. One can resize the video window, i.e. one can maximise or minimise the video window according to their needs. So this new feature will enable someone to have a video chat and message other people simultaneously.

Tap to Unblock User

If you have blocked someone, now it’s easy to unblock them too easily. You just need one tap. With the new WhatsApp update, you can unblock any person that you have blocked by tapping on the contact. Just tap and hold for a few second to unblock any contact and then you can resend message directly and instantly.

YouTube video within WhatsApp

Now YouTube links will open then and there at the WhatsApp. It will not redirect you to any other YouTube tab. The video will open within the WhatsApp without making you leave the app. This new feature will make multitasking easy as users can chat and watch videos both at the same time.

Invite Via Link

This Invite Via Link is available in iOS already. In Android version this will be a new update. With this feature, the group admin can send link of any of their contacts in the group they wish that person to be added into. The invitee than can directly join the new WhatsApp group via that link.

Admin Settings

The Admin settings have got some advanced options that will enable the admins to have some more control over the group. Group admins will have more rights to edit the group information. The users will not be able to send any messages until the admin is allowing them. The group admins can also broadcast message without interruptions.



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