Love for the Nation: Telangana Plays National Anthem Everyday and Everybody Stands Still

There is a village in Telangana, named Jammikunta village in Karimnagar district of Telangana, India. Every day at 7:54 am 16 loudspeakers plays the National Anthem. And while the national anthem is being played, the villagers stand up still and pay respect to their nation. This has become mandatory to be played every single day, and it’s also mandatory to stand still while the National Anthem is being played. 

16 loudspeakers are enough for the entire village to listen to the National Anthem. A villager said, “We play the national anthem every day to showcase our love for our motherland. We are all Indians and we are proud of it. Jai hind!”. This shows the immense love for their nation and also it gives a patriotic feeling amongst them. 

From kids to adults, all stand on their feet to respect the Nation. Even the vehicles stop and pay homage to the national anthem. 

While there raised controversies regarding playing of the national anthem on the movie theatres before the movie starts; this small village in Telangana takes this issue seriously and makes it mandatory and yes, they do not have any problem with playing the national anthem every morning. What can be better than starting your day with a patriotic feeling?

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