Mind Routines for the Morning Routine

Good morning!-We wish this to everyone but do our days really start good?  It can be the any special events or any special person that makes our day. But does that happen every single day? Perhaps No! But our everyday must go perfectly right?

It’s because that’s going to define our rest of the day. The inner you must be well organized and focused. Not only the body but also your mind has to be positive, refreshed and straightened out. 

So let’s list out the mental routines that you can do to brighten up your entire day: 

• Stretch your body: Wake up and stretch your body. Stretch your hands, your arms and backs and necks. Also stretch your legs. This relaxes your muscles and reboots your brain for a better start.


• Reawaken yourself: It’s a new day and a new beginning. You need to awaken your body, mind and soul right after you step out of your bed. Detach yourself from gadgets and social media connections and rather connect yourself with nature. 


• A Smile Start: Smile can be a great tonic to make your entire day a happy one. It reduces stress and boosts you up with a positive feeling. In science language, smile releases endorphins that reduces stress hormone called cortisol. In short: Just smile 

• Think of the How’s: Let bygones be bygones. Don’t think about yesterday’s mistakes. Think about ‘How’ you can make today better. Structure your thoughts and think positive. Think about thanking someone, or doing small favours, or introducing new ideas at work –any small changes that can add up positivity in your life.

• Meditate: No need to learn strict yoga rules and poses if you are too busy with your work schedules. But give at least five minutes in meditation. Focus on the inner you; focus on good things in your life. Speak to your own soul. 

• Pen down your thoughts: Now that you are done with mediation, take a notebook and a pen and list down all the things to be done first! Prioritize your activities. This way you will be able to set your goals and avoid wandering around thinking what to do.

• Go through Motivational Quotes: Scrolling through some motivational quotes on the internet helps you strengthening you from within. It inspires you to start your day with a positive thought. 

These activities if added in your daily morning-habit can turn you to a self-confident, more poised and more focused person. So, now I hope you have a ‘Good’ morning everyday!

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