Miss Israel and Miss Iraq Post Selfies with Each Other on Instagram: Peace and Love.

The Iraqi beauty queen, Sarah Idan posed for a picture with Miss Israel, Adar Gandelsman, and after posting it on Instagram sent people from both countries in frenzy on social media.

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Israel and Iraq do not have any domestic relations and are known worldwide for being ‘enemy’ countries.  

In the light of exactly this reality, Miss Iraq and Miss Israel posted their selfies on each of their Instagram profiles with adorable captions. 

Sarah Idan posed with the Miss Israel contestant, Adar Gandelsman with both of the beauties looking absolutely flawless and captioned it: “Peace and Love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel ❤️❤️”

Adar on her Instagram posted a selfies of her own with both belles captioning her post “Get to know, this is Miss Iraq and she's amazing❤️”.

Although this post has more than 2000 likes and 800 comments they were not all sweet. Many people were completely against the beauty queen for posing with an Israeli. Some harsh comments are given below..

One Iraqi activist tweeted “A photo of an Arab or Muslim with an Israeli does not reflect agreement with the policy of [Israel's foreign ministry] of hostility towards humanity and peace issues.”

Tweet in Arabic

Another follower commented, “If you are an honorable Arab you have to hate Israel forever. Palestine is our honor, the Arabs.” 

But luckily there were more than just these kinds of comments, they were also those who inspired by this simple yet effective Instagram post.

“So amazing and so Brave. You’re an inspiration!” and other pretty comments like “Great message to the world. Cheers!” and “Totally right, peace is possible when love is beyond anything else!” 

After the hate messages, Miss Iraq was quick to comment and she was reported as stating that she “would like to apologize to anyone who considered the photo to be offensive to the Palestinian cause as this was not the aim behind the post, it was merely a call to peace and hope for a solution to the crisis." She also said that she does not in any way support what the Israeli government is doing

The spokesperson for Prime Minister of Israel also tweeted on the matter, “Miss Iraq Sarah Idan and Miss Israel Adar Gandelsman (no relation...) met at the Miss Universe beauty pageant and became friends. Miss Iraq posted this photo on her Instagram. What a great message of hope for the region. Good luck to both Sarah and Hadar.”

There will be 100 women competing in the 66th Miss Universe Competition which will take place on November 26th at Las Vegas, Nevada.

We wish both these beauties all the very best and commend them for their move for Friendship and Peace amongst these quarrelling nations



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