Mumbai Police Is Coming Up with a New Aasan for You on This Yoga Day and You Must Practice It Daily!

Not only safe driving but healthy driving also matters. If you don’t stay healthy, then it will definitely affect your on road driving skills! Hence, taking the theme of Yoga Day, that is Yoga Health, Mumbai Police is promoting both a safe driving and healthy living on Twitter with their brilliantly humorous posts.

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Twitter is the witty platform for venting out opinions to the masses and Mumbai Police is grabbing the right ground to spread the message.  Mumbai Police recommends shifting the gears to yoga if you are having health issues which are causing you to drive inappropriately.  And this combined theme Yoga is named Trafic AnushAasan. With the hashtag ‘Traffic AnushAsan’ they are dealing with two issues at a time. 

The caption so beautifully reads “Did you know ? Concentration often saves you from penalisation 

#TrafficAnushAsan” and then the graphic shows:

It’s better to improve your concentration first and then switch to driving, isn’t this true? And what’s better than yoga to heal your mental distress? Go for it! –That’s what Mumbai police is suggesting for your own good.

Eyesight problems can cause a severe accident while driving. Besides visiting an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, yoga is a natural process that can cure vision problems. Mumbai Police knows it all and hence you must follow their advice:

You must have an eye on the traffic!

According to #TrafficAnushAsan, honking unnecessarily on the streets while driving is not only a crime but also a sign of mental stress. Why not honk out all your stress by doing yoga? 

The caption says it all:  “With #YogaDay round the corner, we recommend #TrafficAnushAsasn for a healthy driving experience”

Shouting in the traffic is just another form of honking except that now you are honking with your mouth. Breathe out all your frustrations and do yoga everyday for a shout-free drive.


These are some of the coolest Traffic ‘AnushAsans’ Mumbai Police has come up with. So obey the ‘Anushasans’ of these Mumbai Traffic Doctors and take Care of your health and Drive safe.


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