With films such as Pink, the concept of consent- which is otherwise quite controversial has been tackled very efficiently. The last scene with Amitabh Bachchan  must be still fresh in our mind. The real question is that what is so hard to understand about a women’s right to say yes or no to a sexual advance? Artists have, at several instances tried to explain to everybody the concept of consent through their unique methods and all of them stand out more than the rest.

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1. Milo Moiré

This performance was named  Mirror Box Performance and it happened in the streets of London and Amsterdam in June 2016 where Milo Moiré paced around with a mirror box placed around her chest and vagina and called out to people to touch her. They had to look into her eyes while they did so and the idea behind doing this was to let people know that a woman decide for herself when it comes to being touched. Milo took inspiration from the Austrian performance artist Valie Export for this act.

2. Nafisa Ahmed

As a sign of protest against the Brock Turner rape case, Twitter sensation Nafisa Ahmed took to the micro blogging to enlighten people around her about consent. She debated on whether or not Brock was to be given stricter punishment. Through a long chain of tweets, this sensation cited an instance of using $5 to explain how consent works. With over 16 thousand re-tweets, her message surely does make a mark.

3. Rory Banwell

Rory Banwell an Australian photographer shares her series of monochrome photographs  series called "Still not Asking For It". She essentially photographed both men and women with a black tape jacketing their nipples, and wearing black underwear with various messages written diagonally on their stomach. These messages clearly underlined  things like- "vulnerability is not consent” and "I said no". She started this project after the birth of her daughter Polly and says that she was had to do something about it.

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4. Alice Brine

She used the most powerful weapon to get her message across the globe- she used humor. In a hilarious analogy she re-imagined a world in which she goes home with a few men after they've all hung out at the bar, to steal their money. She justifies herself with the excuse for doing it is, "they were asking for it.” This really did stir up a lot of response on all social media platforms.

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5. Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess

In 2015, on a blog named Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess a post came up that elucidated on the scheme of consent with a very simple evaluation of making a cup of tea for someone. The author reinstated the word ‘sex’ with tea, and it did make a whole lot of sense.

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