New Office Order: Wear Helmets!

July, 18th:Helmets are a thing of absolute necessity to protect your head from road accidents and other outdoor mishaps. But when you hear that the employees of a government office in Bihar wear helmets inside the office, there has to be a pretty good story there.

The scoop according to most Indian news channels is that this particular office in the East Champaran district is an extremely old one, and all these years have taken a toll on the building causing several leakages and even the falling down of portions of the ceiling! Most employees have spoken about how the leaking bothers them as well as the fact that any moment the ceiling above their head will cave in. Now in any other place or country, the situation would normally not reach this far. But in India, as they say, everything is possible. 

The employees have been stated as saying, “This is quite an old building. Walls and the roof of the building are in a very bad shape. Water starts trickling the moment it rains. The roof can cave in any day. Since we can’t be absent from our duties, we all decided to wear helmets” 

The dedication of these employees to their company and work is something to admire, if not just simply hilarious.  

So the next time you enter your office, be happy that your ceiling is intact and that you have no need for protective gear. 

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