New Year Superstitions You Can Have a Look At to Bring You Some Good Luck This Year

No matter how realistic one can be, in this world, a maximal number of people do somehow believe in superstitions. And New Year Day is a paramount occasion for all of us, as we pass on to a whole new year bidding farewell to the past days, supposedly giving a fresh start with future plans, resolutions and best of hopes, dreams and wishes. So to bring in some good luck on this auspicious day, people believe in many kind of superstitions.

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Now these superstitions can vary as it depends upon cultures, race, religion and even upon personal belief. Though superstitions are believed to be irrational or illogical as it can’t be defined by science, still people believe it for many reasons. The beliefs satisfy them if they can execute it properly. Also, they need to fill the gap to justify some instances, such as: Good luck.

So let’s see some popular New Year superstitions that can bring some good luck: 

1. Kissing on the New Year

It is believed that if you kiss your loved ones in the midnight when the New Year sets in, the love will stay and the bonding will continue throughout this year.

2. Stay Happy for at least an hour on that day

What you will be doing on the first hour of the New Year is supposedly what you will be doing throughout the year. In fact in many places, people try to stay happy and avoid getting involved in any fights so that the rest of the year remains happy.

3. Make sure your work goes well

You have to ensure your work goes well that day and gain some success or a happy output as the first day result is what your rest of the day’s are going to be like.

4. Limit you work activity

You don’t have to work the whole day or take up a pile of workload. Neither you have to get engaged in any sort of serious works nor take any heavy projects on that day as it’s considered unlucky.

5. Don’t pay off your debt

On the New Year’s Day you are not supposed to pay out any sort of debt. Neither should you make loans.  These are signals that the money can leave you. Instead you can buy yourself lottery tickets.

6. Open The Doors Before Midnight

Till midnight, one is supposed to open all the doors so that the previous year can escape quickly. It is a gesture to guide the old days and the old year to quickly get out before a fresh New Year comes in.

7. Baby’s Birth

Babies born on the New Year Day are believed to be extremely lucky for the family. They are fortunate as well. These babies are believed to bring good luck to the family they are born in to.

8. Don’t be upset

You should not cry or be upset. Because it is believed that your days throughout the year will go sad. You are supposed to be happy.

9. Black eyed Peas

Eating certain food can bring good luck as well. Eating black-eyed peas can bring good luck and financial prosperity as well. There you go, if you are like black-eyed peas, you got a nice excuse to grab some for the New Year.

10. Some lucky foods

It is obvious you would want happiness, prosperity, peace and good luck this year. So here are some lucky foods which, if consumed on New Year, bring good things:

* Lentils

Lentils is supposed to bring prosperity. It resembles coin.

* Pork

Eating pork is believed to be lucky. The reason behind this is: pigs root forward when they eat whereas chicken scratches backwards.

* Veggies

Collard greens, cabbage, kale and chard are considered lucky foods. These resemble money.

11. Eating 12 grapes

It is especially in the Spanish tradition that one must eat 12 grapes at midnight. Each grape will symbolize each month. Sweet grapes means your month will turn good and sour grapes represent bad month. Count which months will turn sweet or sour as you eat the grapes.




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