Next Time You Are Questioned For Taking a Nap Show Them This.

The modern world is undoubtedly deprived of sleep and that can cause irritability and daytime fatigue. On a larger scale, sleeping deprivation can cause heart disease, diabetes, irregular heartbeats and much more are on the list. The ultimate solution to this problem is a sound sleep. But unfortunately, we nowadays face a lot of sleep related problems and other physical and psychological issues which prevent us from having a sound sleep. And this in turn adversely affects to our day to day work and imbalances the health system of our body.  

A short nap however works like magic if you are facing sleeping issues.

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What is a Nap ? 

A nap is a short duration of sleep which eliminates the drowsiness and tiredness that happens due to sleep deficit, or it’s simply because you are tired. It’s a kind of pause to the long stretch of work. Unlike most of the mammals who are polyphasic sleepers, we humans are monophasic sleepers, that means we humans sleep for long hours at a stretch and spend the rest of the hours awake and working. Even if one is not having sleep deficits, that person can have a power naps in between works. It re-boosts and re-energizes your entire body. 

One can have a power nap for 10-30 minutes, depending upon how much your body needs. Though too much of power napping for a long stretch of time can adverse the effect. It can backfire your regular body functionalities. 

Mostly power naps are for 20-30 minutes. It improves performances and extends alertness.

Here are some benefits of a power nap

Extends alertness

When you are too sleepy in the midst of your work that you can’t even open your eyes, it is absolutely okay! You just need a power nap. Take a nap for 20-40 minutes. And then go back to your work. It improves alertness and extends your body performances. According to NASA’s study, a 40 minute of nap can improve your body functions up to 100%. 

Makes your Senses more sensible!

A power nap sweeps away all the ideas and thoughts that are haphazardly roaming in our mind. It clears our mind and systemizes widely-arranged cognizance.  Hence, a power nap improves the creative side of you. It also awakens your sensory perception. So after your nap is over, you will feel more refreshing and shall regain all the senses back. The office environment will again become a happy place to work in

You will no more be Moody

After a long stretch of work, our body starts to lose energy, affecting our mood as well. A neurotransmitter named serotonin controls our mood and sleep. But when we get exhausted, our body starts using more serotonin and the production for more is thus blocked. This creates distraction, irritability, anxiousness and depression. Napping helps refunctioning of serotonin and you are back to your jolly mood.

Restores your memories

Nap improves our working memory. The working memory is the bunch of memories that needs to be. 
In your brain while holding on to a complex work which needs more concentration. Taking a nap will ensure you remember all your tasks in a queue.

Increases productivity

When you have too much work to do and have not been taken a break for a long time, your productivity automatically reduces to a great level. To restore it back, a nap is strongly recommended. A 20-30 minute of power nap will increase your productivity along with a fresh feeling.

So there are basically three types of napping and you can try any one out of the three:

Planned nap

A planned nap involves a preparation of your nap timings. It is taking a nap before you get sleepy. This technique is used when you know that you will be up late. It will ward off your sleep later. Planned nap is also known as preparatory nap.

Emergency napping

Now this is when you are suddenly feeling sleepy and cannot continue with our work. Emergency napping drives away your sleep within just a few minutes. 

Habitual napping

This involves the act of napping on a same time every single day. You become habituated with napping and you will need it on the same time. For example: an afternoon siesta!

Napping is thus good for your health. However it has some minor drawbacks and that is: too much of a nap can worsen your health and can alter your normal sleep timings. Or it can cause sleep inertia. Consult a doctor if you are taking too many naps than necessary, or you are having sleeping problems. 

Take small naps. It can range from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. If you want a longer nap, then it can extend to total 40 minutes. The mostly preferred naps are during the afternoon. The post-lunch naps are mostly taken by people. An afternoon siesta, after lunch gives utmost satisfaction and reinvigorates all the wearied away energies, different planning, tasks, thoughts, moods and emotions. 

So instead of taking of taking caffeine breaks (Coffee breaks), just simple take a nap!



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