Noodle Under Trouble: Maggi Fails Lab Test, Nestle India is fined 62 Lakh in U.P.

Once again the most popular Maggi noodles gets under trouble. Multinational giant Nestle has been fined Rs. 45 lakh after the Maggi samples that’s been tested got “sub-standard” label, in the district of Uttar Pradesh.

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The fine has been imposed to Nestle and six distributors of the company by the Sahjahanpur administration. The body imposed Rupees 45 lakh on Nestle and rupees 17 lakh on the siz distributors summing the total of Rupees 62 lakh.

“In total there were seven cases. The samples tested by the Food and Safety department of the district were found to be sub-standard.” Jitendra Kumar Sharma, the Shahjahanpur Additional District Magistrate said to ‘The Hindu’

On its response, a nestle India spokesperson said that it “appears to be a case of application of incorrect standards.”

It’s been only two years that Maggi faced a controversial trouble. In June 2015, Maggi was banned by FSSAI as it happened to contain lead that was beyond permissible limits. As a result, Nestle India had to withdraw the product Maggi from the market. It created a huge stir after the Maggi got ban. But after a lot of legal battles, Maggi was brought back to the market.

But once again, the brand is under a serious question. Nestle India said that it is yet to receive the order and it would file an appeal urgently as soon as it receives the order. Nestle spokesperson said, “While we have not received the orders passed by the adjudication officer, we have been informed that the samples are of year 2015 and the issue pertains to ‘ash content’ in Noodles”.


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