OH NO! Prince Harry is engaged! The lucky woman is Hollywood actress, Meghan Markle

We all love talking about the royal family from Great Britain who are a bunch of attractive and interesting people. I say interesting because of their choices in life partners which seem to be alternative, therefore refreshing.

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Whoever thought that our young Prince Harry would fall in love with a super talented and stunning Hollywood actress, Meghan Markle?

Yet just yesterday they announced their engagement in a short interview outside Kensington Palace, where reporters asked various questions to the bashful couple including asking the prince how he feels about this event for which he answered ever so adoringly, “Thrilled!”

The prince was also asked how he proposed and was it romantic after which he shouted “Of course it was!” as Meghan giggled beside him.

In a later interview the couple described the very romantic and simple proposal which took place at the start of this month while there at home roasting a chicken. He got down on one knee and proposed and she couldn’t even wait for him to finish when she asked “Can I say yes now?”

There is still no set date for the wedding which authorities hope to find out from Palace aides as soon as they can, although there is news that it may be sometime in spring.

There is of course a lot of talk of Miss Megan being bi-racial, meaning, her mother is African-American and her father is white.  But that doesn’t bother us at all! In fact we are really excited to see their beautifulbeige babies!

Meghan and Harry were introduced to each other by one of Harry’s school friends’ wife who is very socially connected especially in royal circles. The wife whose name is Misha Nonoo, who is very close with Meghan, introduced them in London in the summer of 2016.

Image Credit : Meghan Markel

She made an incredible match don’t you think? We are so excited for this royal wedding, how about you? Comment below!



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