Padmavati Protests Went Deadly: Man Found Hanging from Jaipur Port with note “Padmavati, we hang not just effigies”

Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali starring the most popular Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, the film Padmavati is facing a huge turmoil even before its release due to numerous controversies. And it recently went way too far as a dead body has been found hanging off the ‘parkot’ (parapet) of Jaipur’s famous Nahargarh fort.

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A charcoal graffiti is carved on the wall next to the body which said, “Padmavati, hum sirf putle nahi latkate (Padmavati, we hang not just effigies)”.  There were other words like “Padmavati ka virodh (Protest against Padmavati)” written next to the lifeless body.

It’s still not clear whether it’s a murder or a suicide. But the note concerns the case.

The Jaipur Police has taken up the case under serious consideration. Forensic Team was also at the spot.  The victim whose body was hanging has been spotted. It’s of a man named Chetan Kumar.

The sources are assuming that this can be a murder. The police said, “It doesn’t look like he was alone. It would take more than one person to tie the rope around the fort parapet and the embrasure."

The film has created controversies which resulted in chaos and violence. Activists of Karni Sena vandalised a theatre in Kota, Rajasthan this month as it was playing a trailer of the movie Padmavati. A Karni Sena leader also threatened the lead actress of the film Deepika Padukone of physically harming her.

Moreover a Haryana BJP leader even offered a reward of 10 lakhs to anyone who can behead Deepika and Bhansali.

The supposed-to-be-released on December 1, 2017; the film Padmavati has postponed the release date for now.



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