Piggy Chops Storming up the Internet Again by Breaking the “Eerie Silence”! Let’s See What She Is Up To Now...

Priyanka Chopra is again getting hit by the social media outrage as she posted a selfie at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial.  Yes, Piggy Chops did it again! But this time it’s not her outfit, which could have rather gained support from the realists and rationalists; but now she really has raised the question of respecting the martyrs.

The Holocaust Memorial of Berlin was made as a memorial to the Jewish victims murdered during Adolf Hitler’s reign. The artistic sculptures represent gravestones of the millions of Jewish martyrs. The place is considered holy and the visitors must pay utmost respect while visiting. 

Former Miss World and actress Priyanka Chopra is in Berlin, to promote her new film Baywatch. And while on her tour she visited the Holocaust Memorial. But seems like Priyanka missed out the main objective behind visiting such places and posted two selfies on Instagram. On one she captioned “Holocaust memorial #Berlin” and another one was captioned as “@siddharthchopra89 and I being tourists. There is such an eerie silence here.” Well of course this place is meant for silence, what is so “eerie” about it? These two pictures were slammed by people who got very much offended by the posts. She received comments like:

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“Is it respectable for @priyankachopra to be taking selfies at the #Holocaust Memorial?”  

“Oh lord. Did Priyanka Chopra really take a selfie at the holocaust memorial? What sort of a crazy insensitive person does that?”

“@priyankachopra I used to think of you as a sensible person till I saw your posted selfies at holocaust memorial” 

In Berlin, she just had raised a debatable issue when she met India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, who was also at Berlin on that time. Most of the Indian people got butt-hurt for her short outfit she wore. And also got slammed for her sitting legs crossed. 

 “Priyanka you were sitting with the Prime Minister of our country. You should have at least had the basic sense of covering your leg/s.” –reads one of the social media comment. 

She was definitely supported by the people with logical sense, defending those who were bashing and slut shaming her. But surely her recent Berlin selfie didn’t leave the followers remain in their “eerie silence”. Priyanka might have realised what she did and hence took the post down by deleting it from her story a moment after it went viral. But the criticism still is continuing at the level best.


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