Pink Whale Challenge – The Harmless Whale Which Happens To Be a Better Alternative to The Blue Whale Challenge

With the Blue Whale Challenge infecting the entire world with suicidal and self-harm impulse igniting among the youths who are taking up the challenge; The Pink Whale Challenge, on the contrary opposes the idea of the former challenge. It consists of many challenges that are absolutely safe and harmless. 

The Pink Whale Challenge is accessible online and sets out daily ‘good tasks’ for the participants. It sets generous acts as challenges which are actually encouraging the participants to bring happiness in their own lives and make a positive change towards the society.

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The idea of this positive game was started in April in the name of Baleia Rosa (Pink Whale) in Brazil. Now it has already millions of followers all over the internet and social media. The Facebook administrators verified the page Baleia Rosa which says, “In order to prove that the internet can be used to viralize the good, the Pink Whale was born. We are not a self help group! We just believe that we are all capable of love and good!” 
Now the followers have risen more than 3, 40,000 and still increasing in number. The Pink Whale Challenge sets out 107 daily ‘good’ tasks for the participants. 

The Pink Whale Challenge does not promote self-harm or any negativities. It includes simple yet good tasks like: posting ‘I am beautiful’ on social media pages, forgiving people, apologising to people whom you have caused harm, help someone and much more. 

The Blue Whale Challenge took life of so many young people and also many were found harming themselves, or have been rescued from a suicidal attempt. It cast its bad spell among young minds, making them convince that the doing self harm and being suicidal challenges are their ultimate goals. The Pink Whale Challenge is on the rescue to those young innocent brains and fills their minds with challenges whose outcomes are nothing but positivity. 

This initiative has gained favourable responses from the Government of Sao Paulo State in Brazil and this Challenge game can also be found in Android and iOS devices.

Image Credit : Indian Express


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