Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai - It Finally Happened

If you have been lurking around on Facebook and Instagram you are sure to have come across a lot of V-Day posts. But AIB took their V-Day plans to a whole new level. The comedy collective- All India Bakchod says that they took the joke too far to the extent that they made the event happen for real!

Image Credit : AIB

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From merchandise to big shot performers counting Kaneez Surka, Zakir Khan, Kenny Sebastian and the whole of the AIB team itself, Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai proved to be more than just a social media hashtag. And of course, a huge comfort for all those without a ring on it.

Image Credit : AIB

The promotional scheme was possibly one of the most creative campaigns across social media platforms. Memes, videos, insta stories, gifs- you name it.

Image Credit : AIB

Leading Indian brands also jumped in to help.

Image Credit : Social Samosa

All the single lads and ladies across the globe united and this soon became a movement in itself. Terribly Tiny Tales also joined in by pointing how being single isn’t really a curse.

Image Credit : AIB

AIB did create history with this epic event and this is quite a great start to this year! But we surely did miss our beloved Make-Up Didi in the event! #pyaarekdhokahai

Image Credit : AIB



12 Sep 2018 06:44 PM

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