Rani Mukherjee’s Daughter’s Birthday Was No Less Than a Grand Party.

The star birthdays are always on news. Now it’s the time for star kids’ birthday to grab attention. Rani Mukherhee and Aditya Chopra celebrated their daughter’s second birthday party. Daughter Adira’s birthday party was no less that a grand big fat party with tons of very well known celebrities attending her birthday.

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How can a celebrity kid’s birthday go without inviting big celebs? Well Rani left no stone unturned to invite the biggest of celebrity stars. Shah Rukh Khan came with his little son Abram, Karishma and Kareena Kapoor with her baby son Taimur, Tussar Kapoor and his son Lakshya, Karan Johar and his twins Roohi and Yash, Alia Bhatt, Rekha, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shweta Bachchan are only a few stars that are named who came at the birthday to bless Rani and Aditya’s daughter.

The entire party was made kid friendly themed. Balloons, cotton-candies and colourful decorations are enough to predict the amount of fun the celebs and their kids had on the birthday party. The celebrity kids were seen playing with one another and their happy faces posted on the social media are sure to make your heart melt.

Karan Johar posted a picture on social media with his tiny little ones Yash and Roohi playing with Taimur. Karan captioned “And a new friendship begins...#yash #roohi #taimur”

The kids and their star parents had a couple of photography sessions and the picture says it all, how they all had a wonderful playtime.

However the birthday girl, Adira, for whom the entire birthday was set up, was not seen in photo.

It is known that Aditya Chopra has shielded his daughter Adira from the limelight, glitz and glamour ever since she was born. Aditya Chopra, who himself stays away from paparazzi have always tried to keep Adira from social media. Rani says, “I am not on social media. I don’t post pictures of my daughter because my husband is a very private person and I respect that.” She further added, “Also, I don’t like saying to my fans, especially when they ask me to post pictures.” Hence on rarest occasions Rani is seen with her daughter.



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