Ranveer’s New Look Will Definitely Motivate You to Hit the Gym

Ranveer is back again yet with another two pictures of him, where he flaunts the outcome of his hard work he put behind making the new all geared up Monday Motivation body. Ranveer Singh is the new social media eye-catching icon who always comes up with his brand new looks and with brand new style; be it with his co-stars or Deepika, or all by himself! Ranveer’s awesome look always stuns us and he didn’t failed to cast his spell this time also.

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He is always sporty, effervescent and cheerful kind of a celebrity.  After India lost the match against Pakistan, he tweeted tranquilly with full of positive attitude, “Win some, loose some...still the greatest team in the world! Solid throughout a hard-fought tournament...proud of you boys! #INDVPAK” And right after this tweet his positivity reflected once again on his new picture as he captioned it “Sweat for it #mondaymotivation”.  The first picture says it all about his dedication on his workout which did pay off extra hotness that is over and above our imagination. The black and white picture of Ranveer, looking off camera flaunting his manly beard with sturdy masculine body, glistening with workout sweats adds too much hotness to handle! It surely will motivate anybody to hit the gym hard. 

It hadn’t been a while since he posted his #mondaymotivation picture, that his fans got lucky enough to gaze at his another look posted just right after. He added “Grind don’t stop #mondaymotivation” to his new picture where he exposes his action-packed body in his sleeveless gym wear and gym gloves. The angry young man image of Ranveer grinds the internet and is surely #motivating us to lay our eyes on him letting all our weariness out! Ranveer has surely ‘Sweat for it’ and we salute his hard work for his #mondaymotivation gym look. Let’s see what he has for us next.


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