Rarest Disease: Aquagenic Urticaria - People Can Also Be Allergic to Water.

There are many strange allergies caused from unusual and unexpected things. Allergies from chocolates, dust, room freshener, even nickel present in gadgets can cause allergies. But imagine someone having allergies from the source that we all survive, i.e. the water. Yes, you read it right. People do have allergies from water and this rarest allergic disease is known as Aquagenic Urticaria.

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How it occurs

Aquagenic Urtcaria is also known as water allergy. It is the rarest kind of allergic disease ever seen. As the name suggests, the allergy can spread with direct contact with water. This can result from bathing, drinking water or walking in the rain. You will be surprised to know that even crying or sweating can cause water allergy. And this water can be of any temperature. 


The causes of this rarest disease is however not fully known or understood. However, the causes predicted are most probably genetic, specifically on chromosomes 2q21. The scientists can however hypothesize that the disease can be due to any particular substance found in water or it can be anything found on skin that creates a reaction when it comes in contact with water.


It creates redness and hives. Small red welts appear with defined edges. It also creates itching. The hives appear on the upper body area, especially on the arms, back and neck. These generally disappear within half-an-hour to one hour just after the water dries off. 

In rarest and severe case the symptoms can be seen on throat when the patient tries to drink water. The throats tend to result in blister. 


The treatment is based on the patient’s individual check up. The patient is put to test including his or her clinical history. Then the patient can be put to water treatment test. However for some individuals some particular kinds of steroids and antihistamines have been proven effective. Moreover, Ultraviolet B light treatments have also been successful on some patients. Usage of particular type of cream that acts as a barrier between the skin and water has also proven help. 

Important note

Do not treat all by yourself. Always consult a physician if you see any allergic symptoms or reactions.


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