SRK in trouble because of Illegal Paperwork for construction of Alibaug Villa

Bollywood Superstar and sweetheart of all Indians, Shah Rukh Khan has several allegations against him in regard to his building a new luxurious Villa on land that is supposed to stay as farmland with no added buildings or constructions.

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The land is an agricultural plot that can only be sold to a farmer. Since SRK wanted the land, various reports suggest that he set up a floating company but he was actually the backend director of said company. 

There are allegation including he created the fraud company called Dejavu Farms Pvt Ltd where he and his wife, Gauri Khan were the actual managing directors, but on paper it says that the company was floated by two shareholders. The catch is that the website clearly indicates that Gauri Khan’s relatives are the actual owners, which indirectly shows that the Bollywood actor is behind this.

Other allegations include SRK forging records of rights and saying that the bungalow was there since 1991, which was shot down by evidence of Google maps that suggest that there was no such bungalow in 2003 data provided by the Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre.

Hence, reports suggest the major allegation against India’s favorite actor is that he forged these documents in order to build an illegal deluxe bungalow on agricultural land that is only supposed to be used for agricultural purposes.



19 Nov 2018 03:05 PM

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